Sometimes you need a person to talk with…someone who will listen…someone who understands.


I can see that you want to learn more about autism. I am proud of the book I have written, The Autism Handbook. It is available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. My book was written with the intention of introducing this disability to the lay person – grandparents, teachers, care-providers, neighbors, doctors, lawyers, friends and all other people interested in having a solid foundation and understanding of autism.

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The Autism Handbook is a labor of my love to share my knowledge and understanding about this devastating disability. I have written dozens of articles which you can find on the internet. You can also go to my blog pages.

Aside from my book, blogs, and articles I also offer presentations at conferences, workshops, seminars and other places where there is a group of people with the commonality of wanting to learn more about autism.

I receive questions I will answer and I also hold Skype conversations with people interested in verbal communication. You can learn more by pushing the above button for Consulting/Presentations.

Due to my book I have had the pleasure of traveling throughout the United States, Mexico, and China offering presentations. If you would like to purchase my book you can do so at your local bookstore. If it is not on the shelf you can ask a sales associate to order it for you. I am also including a number of links below where you can order the book directly.

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